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How to Create an Age-specific Program in Wandoo Reader

Wandoo Reader allows libraries to create programs for any and all age groups.

Making a program age-specific can involve several areas:

Age limits: Wandoo Reader allows you to limit program participation to patrons that fall with in a specific age range

Program Theme: Reader has multiple game themes as a well as a simple theme that works well for users of all ages. Themes are not inherently tied to age, but you may feel the game themes work better for younger users.

Program Banners: Adding a custom or national-program banner to your Wandoo Reader program can make the program better suited for the age group you are aiming at.

Events XML Theme: Customizing your event feed to show programs for specific age groups is an important way to make your program appropriate for the target audience.

Custom Registration Questions: The registration questions you ask can be tailored to fit the age group participating.

Challenges: Creating fun and age-specific challenges can help distinguish a children's program from one for tweens or older teens. Make the challenges interesting to the age group in question.

Prizes and Certificates: Obviously the prizes you award and the certificates you create should fit the target age group. Wandoo Reader allows you to customize these on a per-program basis.

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  • Summary: How libraries can use Wandoo Reader for an age-specific program
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