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FAQ: Is Wandoo Reader Just a Game for Kids?

Q: Is Wandoo Reader just for kids? Do we have to use the game? Are there teen or adult features too?

A: In 2016, Wandoo Reader will have four available themes:

Robots Theme

Simple Theme

Sports Theme

Super Heroes Theme


The Simple Theme doesn't have the same game-play elements that kids find so much fun. It's more of a classic reading log. The simple theme can be used for adults, teens or any age. Likewise, the game themes can be run for adults and teens as well. 

Wandoo Reader allows for programs with users over the age of 13 to be run with special social media sharing features for increased patron interaction. Likewise, the unique challenge creation system allows you to create a fantastic game-like experience that will be age-appropriate for any level program.

Evanced will add new themes every year to appeal to younger players, but the Simple Theme allows for an easy, fun experience for readers of all ages. 

You can run as many different programs as you wish with Wandoo Reader, ensuring your library can provide a custom program for all your patrons, regardless of their date of birth!

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  • Summary: Wandoo Reader has game elements, a variety of themes and can be used for all agents.
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