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FAQ: Can Wandoo Reader Be Used Year Round?

Q: Is Wandoo Reader something I could implement year round?  Or is it strictly a summer reading tracker?

A: Yes, Wandoo Reader, like Summer Reader before it, is designed to be used any time throughout the year.

A subscription to Wandoo Reader is good all year long, and you don't pay based on how many people participate or how many programs you run. That gives you the freedom to run as many programs as you want, as many times as you want, and to attract as many participants you want.

Some vendors charge more based on the number of participants, and make you pay to run programs at different times of the year, but Wandoo Reader can be used for summer, fall, winter or year-round reading all for the same price. 

Wandoo Reader has a durable patron record that allows for readers to participate in episodic programs while still keeping a lasting record of everything they've been reading.

Additionally, the same patron can be registered for up to five active programs at once. This allows you to run a year-round club or school-specific, while still letting the participants join the summer program as well.

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