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FAQ: Why Does Wandoo Reader Require Certain Registration Fields?

Question: Wandoo Reader requires birth date for registration in a program? My library doesn't want to track birth date. Why does the program require that field for all registrants?

Answer: Wandoo Reader requires patrons to input their birth date to determine if the patron is under or over the age of 13.  This is to provide protection to those patrons who are under the age of 13, and to ensure Wandoo Reader continues to be compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).  Any patron participating in a program that allows children under the age of 13, will not have the ability to share their logs and completed challenges via social media (Facebook, Google+ and Twitter). 

Wandoo Reader Privacy Policy


Patrons are asked to complete the following fields in order to create a Wandoo Reader patron account:

First and Last name (Always required)

Username (Always required)

Password (Always required)

Game Difficulty (Always required if applicable)

Location (Always required)


The following registration fields can be made required, by selecting these options on the Registration Tab when creating a program:

Birth date


Parent Email or Patron Email




Custom Fields
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