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Wandoo Reader Version History Notes

This is an updated list of feature additions and bug fixes for Wandoo Reader. Customer sites are automatically updated to the latest version. For more information about Wandoo Reader, visit our website



  • Updated the patron side experience for Group users. The story line pop-ups have been disabled (similar to logging in as a parent).


Bug Fix:

  • Resolved issue in reports where registration date was calculated based on patron's user creation date.
  • Resolved issue of events feed failing to display on the public side when the XML feed is added as HTTP.



  • Updated From Demco Software box on dashboard page to allow for better messaging and usability.


Bug Fix:

  • Resolved defect when a program has only one location, the registration form is not displaying the location select box
  • Resolved issue with selecting an image to upload on the patron side. It was not updating as expected.
  • Implemented safeguard to duplicate log entries when utilizing the enter key
  • Resolved issue of parents/guardians not being able to edit a child's email if the child was under the age of 13 due to COPPA compliance for those types of programs


  • Force SSL Setting option added.  In order to utilize this option, you must contact support.  This setting will force secured https access on all pages (patron and staff) and across all New Core products (SignUp, Spaces, Dibs, and Wandoo Reader) if applicable. If content has been added to the software that is hosted as non secure (http) the web browser may give warnings to end users (varies by browser). For example, an added logo image that is hosted outside of the Demco Software products (utilizing the “From URL” feature within the Image Uploader) on an http site could potentially trigger web browser warning.
  • More information on how HTTPS vs HTTP content is displayed in browsers here.



Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issue where Log Details Report was not displaying data on patrons that had logs, but not selected a location
  • Resolved inputs on Random Drawings allowing input other than a whole number.
  • Resolved issue where if a birthdate was incorrectly entered on the staff side during registration it would display a generic error message "Oops! There was a problem registering the patron." It now displays a specific message for a birthdate formatting error.
  • Resolved issue where staff side users were able to add challenges to a program that was no longer active.



  • Updated loading spinner to use Demco Software branded logo.


Bug Fix:

  • Resolved issue where patron logs that were edited from the staff-side did not save correctly



  • Group Registration:  Allows for simplified logging for a group of participants using one login/account
  • Multi-Lingual support for patron side.

Bug Fix:

  • Resolved typo in the level-up modals with story theme


Bug Fix:

  • Resolved error with staff-side forgot password workflow



  • New Theme/Story line for 2017: The 2017 theme is "Building" and involves a storyline directing the patron through an adventure of time and space
  • Family Registration/Management : Parents/gaurdians can access all of their children's accounts from a single login
  • Age Gate Optional: Allows the option to forgo requiring that the patron enter in their birthdate.



  • Replaced Evanced logos in footer on patron-side with Demco Software logo
  • Replaced most of the Evanced logos in staff-side of software with Demco Software logo
  • Enabled Boopsie app access to the list of products on the staff-side dashboard page
  • Added copy button to Challenges to speed up program creation.  
  • Added copy button to prizes to speed up program creation.  
  • Updated styles on Find Patron page to match new design pattern from SignUp.  Allows added 50 results per page and search fields are collapsible to give more area for search results.    
  • Added ability to add an image to a prize.  This will also serve as a way for libraries to offer a digital badge along with traditional physical prizes.  
  • Updated the patron logging functions to respect the program end date.  Patrons will no longer be able to continue logging, submit challenges, or earn prizes.  Staff side users will still be able to do those functions provided they have the correct permissions.  
  • Staff side logging entry update.  Changed from one submission to multiple entry for one submission. 
  • Challenge report and Challenge Random Drawing label change.   


  • Resolved submit and new failure when adding a log/challenge entry
  • Resolved issue where staff side was not respecting the email required setting.
  • Resolved minor style issue resolved on Firefox for completed challenges image.
  • Resolved false error message on program reset
  • Resolved missing success/failure messages when deleting/resetting a program.
  • Resolved issue with program action links disabled when program is reset.



  • Staff-side  Security Timeout on the Add/Edit Program Page is reset (in Prizes, Certificates, and Challenges) when user clicks: "Add New", "Save", clicks on Program Tabs, or custom sorts Challenges.



  • Added Full Story analytics integration



  • API optimization to increase patron report rendering speeds.
  • API optimization to increase random drawing rendering speeds.
  • Minor style update to address iPhone 6 style break on the patron landing page in the messages and events section.  


Feature/Enhancement :

  • Forgot Password Workflow for unassociated patrons.  Patrons that were not connected to a program were unable to reset their password.  This enhancement allows for the unassociated patron's password to be reset on both the public and staff sides.


  • Program Stats report filter by logging quantity calculation corrected.
  • Program Stats report finished book calculation error corrected.
  • Find Patron sorting issue resolved for patrons with blank email fields.
  • Resolved program start date issue in registration confirmation emails.
  • Certain programs were failing to save after an edit and users would see the "oops- program didn't save error."


Features/Enhancements :

  • API enhancements on the Find Patron page to improve speed of all the functions on that page.  Such as, logging, challenge submission, patron search, patron edit, etc.
  • Remaining staff side in-app help topics added for 2016 functionality.


  • Security Page runtime error resolved for Wandoo Reader only configurations.
  • Typo resolved in patron side story line.
  • Program cache-ing issue resolved.
  • Console error resolved when editing a patron record.
  • Security page failing to show global roles in user edit modal resolved.
  • Patron side profile editing issue resolved.


This is the major program update for the 2016 version of Wandoo Reader. It includes numerous new features including:

  • Sports theme
  • Program Setup Enhancements:  Registration tab created, book suggestion list can be turned on/off per program, logging limits and many more.
  • Challenges-  End dates have been added to challenges.  You can now link challenges together.  You can also add an image to add some excitement to your challenges.  The display order for challenges can now be set.  (Alpha, Date, or Custom)
  • Challenge Specific Random Drawings
  • Challenge Specific Reports
  • Find Patron Page Enhancements
  • A re-work of virtually every area of the program to improve speed and performance.  *Please note, we will also have a smaller update that will contain even more speed improvements for the Find Patron page.
  • Patron Side Enhancements: Registration changes to simplify the process.  Patrons under the age of 13 no longer have to wait for confirmation.  Logging entry enhancements to clarify patron’s entry.

Please visit our article on what these changes mean for you.  Wandoo Reader 2016



  • Permissions Update! Granular permissions have now been exposed.  Admin users can create custom security roles.  For more information on what permissions are now exposed visit this article.



  • The help icon was missing.  It has now been restored.
  • Random drawing data cleanup.


Features/Enhancements :

  • Staff side user names were case sensitive.  They are no longer.  The password field remains case sensitive.
  • Challenge and Log reports refactoring to improve speed and performance.  



  • The patron report was not excluding inactive prizes in the calculation for prizes owed.  



  • Stat Report performance optimization.


  • Repaired the issue where you couldn’t export reports that include individual challenges/prizes on program stats report.
  • Help button. 


Features/Enhancements :

  • I mprove the performance of reports.
  • Random drawings updated to include challenges.


  • Editing random drawings does not display all locations and schools.
  • Editing a saved random drawing in IE11 issue has been resolved.
  • Challenge and Challenge Task IDs are mismatching.
  • Challenge "Active On" date default is incorrect.
  • Errors with book searching function on the staff side.
  • Patron Report age sorting issue.  
  • Challenge Quantity wrong on Find Patron page.
  • Award modal not showing # of challenges for challenge prizes.
  • "Parent" language was updated to now reflect "Parent or Guardian" on the staff side.
  • Slow User Search.  Refactoring was done in the code to speed up the user search.  
  • Reports>program stat and challenge report does not display static date range.
  • Random drawings registration date filter issue.
  • Fixed issue with editing a saved report and date filters.
  • Challenge start time is not getting set correctly.  


Patron Side 

Themed tutorial added.  This is the story element that will prompt users to continue to log to proceed further.

Bug Fixes

Robots were displaying the incorrect dialogue.  This has been updated to reflect the appropriate dialogue based on the program theme.

Bot protection enabled

Performance optimizations

Server monitoring tools updated to ensure optimal performance


Bug Fixes

Patrons registered for two different libraries with same username, the staff can now see the patron on ’Find Patron’ and be able to award prizes, edit patrons logs, see completed challenges, and edit patron information for the program they are registered for at that library.  Staff will not be able to see, edit, or pull any information for that patron from the other library they are registered at. 

Log a book from the suggestion box, then edit the title before submitting, will now let you submit the edit instead of the original suggestion that was selected.

Patron Report with Prizes Owed and Prizes Redeemed, now have the correct number of Prizes Owed and Prizes Redeemed.

Parent email confirmation now states that we have already collected the Date of Birth.

Secret code challenges are no longer case sensitive. 

Welcome email on non-consent programs now have the correct program end date. 

Patrons who leave only a space as an answer for a non-required stipulation question, now the space is stripped out to show no answer, allowing the Patron Report to run for programs with non-required and required stipulation questions.

Optimized the reports to increase their response time.


Bug Fixes

Program Statistics Report date filters now work.

Log a book from the suggestion box, then proceed to log another book with different title. It will now add the book as new log. 

’Add Log’ is now working.

When using WandooGrownups.com, and you click the "Login to Wandoo Reader" from the grownups site, then log out of the grownup account or patron account, the ability to ’Switch Users’ will no longer function for the patron.

Challenges with HTML code now function when the challenge is completed. 

Patrons who sign up for more than one program at the same library, the system now requires them to confirm their personal information again for new program they are registering for.


Staff Side Changes

Reports!  Challenge Report, Patron Report, Log Details Report and Random Drawing now available with multi-program support.

Added Not Yet in School and Adult to grade lists. 

Username and Password limits now reflect the actual ranges.

Removed the Submit & New in the edit log workflow.

Style Fix for the "do you want to save your changes" modal

Date Stipulations are now validating the entry numerically

Patron Side Changes

Added Not Yet in School and Adult to grade lists.

Profanity Filter Update - Now there should not be a restriction on usernames

Update Robot/Hero Certificate to use Simple Theme Style

Allow for existing library patrons to be promoted to full-access by adding a username and password.

Parent/Guardian text in the email templates Add the word "Guardian’s" to the email templates

Bug Fixes  

Removed “Or Author” from the logging interface because it doesn’t appear to search on author.

Certificates now earned only if all associated challenges complete.

Zip codes with zeros in the front now allowed.

Prize eligibility amended to deal with multi challenge prizes.

Add Password to Edit profile for non-consent users.

Newly unlocked parts are grayed out without a refresh now.

IE the cancel button was missing and you were not able to save a character appropriately.

Simple programs were not getting the ’program complete’ message.

Non consent programs were not respecting the program start, now they do.

Remove duplicate "Library" text from the email template When department name ends with "Library", this issue occurs

IE10 entry image submissions now work.

Fixed  500 error when submitting a book log. (behind the scenes bug)

My 1st log was always set to ’Still Reading’.  Now it recognizes the "finished" selection.

Wandoo Planet references are removed.


This is a significant update to the patron side.  There are a host of defects that will be resolved as part of this build.

  1. Patron Profile issue:  It now forces profile completion after confirmation. A patron must fill in all the required information to play the game.
  2. Add Log/Read Again not updating the finished checkbox correctly:  It now updates as expected.
  3. Change to stipulation questions not saving:  Changes now made to stipulation questions are reflected appropriately on the patron side.
  4. Level 11  parts were displaying in the robot game:  Level 11 parts have been removed.  (this was a carryover from the 2014 pilot/beta builds)
  5. Wandoo Planet References:  We have removed Planet reference in completed program modal.
  6. Style Issue:  We implemented new consent modal for simple programs.
  7. Deleted logs issue:  They are now removed from the patrons logs.
  8. Spelling Issue on Challenge and html codes were displaying (strong):  Complete modal displays no longer shows default text when the custom text is used.  Since the custom text is required, you will not encounter the default text.  ( we did make sure that it was spelled correctly just in case though)
  9. Banner image issues:  The images must use https.
  10. Required Questions Issue:  Questions marked as required staff-side are now required patron side.
  11. The Location Field was missing from the registration workflow:  Included the missing location field on registration.
  12. Profile completion for not started programs:  We now force profile completion after confirmation even if the program has not started.
  13. Experience bar issues:  The progress/experience bar no longer always stays full at level 9 and updates correctly as the patron progresses.
  14. Birthdate Calculation Issue: Fixed date of birth calculation issue. 
  15. Awards counter update issue:  The counter no longer increases on completing challenge.
  16. Unchecking gender not respected on patron side:  Unchecking the gender option now hides the gender option Patron side.
  17. Profanity Filter Issues:  Removed the name Vicki from profanity filter.
  18. Certificate social sharing issues:  Certificates now uses custom  image when displayed through social links.
  19.  Past Program logs not updating:  Now able to log books on past programs.
  20.  Parental Update Emails have the wrong contact information:  "Your child has updated their details" email is now using the right contact.
  21. IE image upload issue:  We fixed the IE challenge image upload issue.
  22. Registration Issues:  Patrons should be able to register by the specified registration date.
  23. Zip code validation failure:  The system now validates on the patron side.
  24. Theme Banner Update Issues:  The theme banner can now be removed.
  25. Parent Portal Issues:  Due to the incomplete nature of the parent portal, we have removed the reference from the confirmation emails that would be sent to a parent or guardian.


This is the major program update for Wandoo Reader. It includes a raft of new features including:

  • Multi-program and multi-age support
  • Super-hero game theme
  • Simple theme
  • Responsive design
  • Challenges
  • A re-work of virtually every area of the program. 

For more information about this major release, please check out this article .

02/05/2015 "15_01"

  • NEW FEATURE : Log details report allows users to run a report on individual reading logs.
  • NEW FEATURE : Log quantity filter added to the Patron Report. This allows you further refine your reports to include only patrons that fall within a certain log quantity range.
  • Preparation for "Over-13" programs is underway.

12/30/2014 "14_23"

  • Cosmetic : Menu style change.

12/08/2014 "14_18" and "14_19"

  • Bug: Gender selection bug was fixed.
  • Cosmetic: For systems with multiple products, the last menu choice will be remembered.
  • NEW FEATURE : Patrons will have the ability to print off certificates awarded by the library. Libraries can create certificates featuring their own images.
  • NEW FEATURE : Libraries can upload a logo image in program creation step. Images no longer have to be pre-hosted. You can upload them directly from a desktop.
  • Cosmetic : Date picker update

10/14/2014 "14_17"

  • Tutorial play allowed before parental email is confirmed on patron side.

09/24/2014 "14_16"

  • Admin data setup pages connect Reader locations to other Evanced products.
  • Support icon updated

09/10/2014 "14_15"

  • Patrons can now print a certificate with their robots from the patron side.
  • There are new ’test buttons’ to gauge interest in a couple of new features. These will be temporary while we evaluate the results.

08/27/2014 "14_14"

  • Default Schools for New Programs. This adds in default schools so the patron registration system will work even if the library doesn’t add schools. It adds Public, Private and Home School by default
  • Reports weren’t filtering logged quantity by date.  Now they do.

08/05/2014 "14_12" and "14_13"

  • XML Help Added for staff side
  • Ghost Text added to the Activity Information section of Code Creation.
  • Creating a username with no password on staff side is now not possible.
  • Back-end change in the way errors were handled for certain queries. This is a security fix.

07/17/2014 "14_11"

  • Add A Log error now resolved.
  • Error displayed when adding a location, but the location was actually saved bug resolved.
  • Random drawing was not respecting dynamic dates. Now it does.
  • Unlock Codes were case sensitive. Now they are not.
  • Fixed an issue related to not having any schools/locations selected in the report, causing it to not run when saved and ran again.
  • The date was not properly saving when adding a log. It was being recorded as the current day…now it respects the date selected.

06/17/2014 "14_10"

  • Random Drawing improvements
  • User Award Prize ends message on patron side.
  • Check unlock code for uniqueness when editing code
  • Register patron errors now display.
  • The find patron page bug was fixed.
  • Pre-K and K difficulty level default fixed.
  • Date picker style on the dash board added.
  • System Alert banner styling fixed.

06/04/2014 "14_09"

  • Add Library Contact Info to Add Program Page.
  • Test Mode-the ability to delete test patrons was added.
  • Resend Email Confirmation ability added.
  • Bug fixes
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  • Summary: Wandoo Reader Version release notes
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