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Authentication in Evanced Products

The process of authentication is the means by which your application connects to your ILS system and confirms that a patron record exists for the library card number entered. Different products support different ILS integrations. This service is read-only; it does not update your ILS patron record in any way. It merely verifies that the user in question has a valid library card. Authentication can be set up to consider or ignore residency, fines, and other restrictions.

Authentication must be set up by a qualified member of your IT staff. It requires prior knowledge of system settings that are known only to your library. Evanced Support can tell you what fields are necessary, but they cannot provide the settings. It is up to your IT department to set necessary firewall exceptions which will be provided to you during the authentication setup process.  If the necessary exceptions are not applied, the authentication service will not work as expected.

The authentication methods we support for our given products are as follows:

Summer Reader, Events, and Room Reserve: III (Patron API) and SIP2. LDAP requires special pricing
D!BS and Spaces: III (Patron API), SIP2, LDAP, and Shibboleth
SignUp: III (Patron API), SIP2, LDAP

Note: Authentication in Spaces requires the patron record in your ILS to contain an email address. If the patron's record does not have an email address, he or she will not be able to create a Spaces account and will be prompted to contact the library.

Additional charges may apply for enabling authentication. If you wish to enable authentication in an Evanced product, please contact Evanced Support.

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