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Program Idea: Teen Bookface Contest

Submitted by: Emily Fleischer, efleischer@brownsburg.lib.in.us
Library: Brownsburg Public Library
Audience: Teens, Children
Group Size: Any size
Season: Any time of year

Bookfacing was originally inspired from the Sleeveface blog (http://www.sleeveface.com) and developed and shared by Ann-Marie Marchant at the Provo City Library. People take a picture using a record sleeve (or in our case, a book) to augment or obscure part of their body or face and take a picture to create the illusion that the illustration and the subject are one. 

This is a passive program that works great during Teen Read Week. Simply create a display of books that will work for the illusion and encourage your teens to email their pictures to library staff. Post their photos to your Facebook page and ask the community to vote. Brownsburg focused on teens in grades 6-12, but this program could easily be adapted for adults or even for children with the help of their parents.

Paper and color printer
A space to display program books (preferably open so they can remain in circulation)
Some way for photos to be submitted electronically such as Facebook, Flicker or email contact
A way or space to display photos and get the community to vote* 
Some awards for the winners, such as gift cards, books or other prizes
*Either through and online site or survey, and/or conducted physically at the library.

Because Bookface is a passive program, give at least a week to run the contest, and if your community is really excited, leave a month 
Spend some time prior to the event creating a list of titles that will work well with the program

Preparation Steps
  1. First, determine how long you want to run the program and what prize(s) you will be giving out. Then create a flyer with the program details, a list of books that have faces/parts of people on them, and some helpful tips to get participants started. 
  2. Post the flyer in your library and wherever else you advertise, as well as online on your library's website. Then just sit back and let the entries come in!
Extra Hints & Tips

Emily from Brownsburg Public Library suggests some tips to help your Bookface participants take great photos: 

"These photos are all about perspective: if the picture on the book is about the same size as your face, hold it close to you. If it's smaller, hold it farther away!"

"Get a friend’s help to take the picture and line you up exactly. You can even dress like the photo or do your hair to match it."

She also suggests actively promoting your Bookface contest at other library events and programs.

Additional Resources

Do a Google image search for "bookface" for more photo examples.

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