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How can I customize events’ registration form?

This article will explain how to customize the registration forms on the event calendar.

There are various settings that you can add/edit/archive to create a custom event registration form for each event.  When creating an event, the information can be found under the Registration Information. 

For the fields that say "Must Be Between the ... (Ages/Birthdates/Grades)", you can choose the lower and upper limit of those categories.  When a patron registers, they must fill in the information using a drop down menu (if the fields have limits set). 

For the rest of the registration information except Cancellation Notice and Payment Required, they will have to enter in the information if you check the box next to the field.  For example, if you check "Enable Card Number Entry:", a field will appear that will require the patron to enter their card number when registering.

Lastly, six more questions can be added pending you have them turned on.  If you do not have them turned on, they can be found in the "System Configuration & Settings" page under "System Settings".  From there, you can make patrons answer up to six custom stipulation questions and an address stipulation.  If those are turned on, you can edit the questions here and choose the type of response you'd like back.  If you have Per Event selected, you may choose to display it in the event or not.  This can be found below the other fields mentioned above.  If you have Always on Per Event or Disabled Selected, it will not show the fields in the event setup, but will display accordingly when the patrons register (depending on if they are always on or disabled).
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