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Deleting a single session in a recurring event

This article will show you how to delete an article in your event calendar.

To delete an event that is housed within a recurring series of events, a few steps must be taken.
1.  When you are logged in on the admin side of your event calendar, click on the Add/Edit/Archive button to access all of your events.
2.  In the Search/Filter window, uncheck the "Combine Recurring Events" box so all of your recurring events will be separated into individual events.
3.  Fill in any additional information in the search window that will limit your search to the series you want to access.
4.  When you search, the event will be listed by each individual event.  In each event box, you will see a delete button at the top.
5.  Click delete on the single event you want to get rid of.  Click okay to delete it.

Once you click okay, your event will be deleted and the recurring event will no longer display that date in the series.
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