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Summer Reader Quick Start Guide

Once Summer Reader is installed at your library, the person(s) designated with the administrative password for your system will need to configure Summer Reader to meet your library’s needs and specifications.

Their first step should be to watch the on-line video course.

Here are a few quick and easy tips to get your library up and running:

1. Determine what programs, interest groups, etc. you want to create for your library. You need to consider what rules you are establishing for each program. For example:
 Will you allow patrons to register themselves or is registration in-house only?
 What type of logging will you be doing (e.g. hours, number of items, etc.)
Will you allow patrons to do self-logging?
What will the prize rules be?

Consider what ‘Registration fields’ you want and which ones will be required.
 *See the manual for more information on Registration Setup and the options available to you.

2. Next, from the System Maintenance menu (logged on to the staff side as an administrator) do the following:
Go to System Maintenance/ Drop Lists and setup the various drop lists (e.g. grade, school district, school name, zip code, etc.). Make sure all Registration fields that need drop lists are set up. Refer to the manual for additional information and instructions regarding this topic.
Go to System Maintenance/ Logging Types add your logging types to the system (i.e. How will your patrons log their progress - hours, books, chapters, levels, pages, etc.). Set up as many options as you’d like. Refer to the manual for additional information and instructions regarding this topic.

Go to System Maintenance/Add Program and follow the steps to add each program to the system. Adding a program is a four step process. You will be directed through each step quickly and easily. The system will automatically direct you through Steps 1-4. See the manual for additional information on this process and various program setup options. Also, when adding a new program, be sure to click on the help icon at any time to get more information on the various options.

Important Note:
Once Registration and progress logging has begun, some program settings will be locked down. If you need to change these settings once enrollment and logging is in progress, you can delete the patrons from the program and then go back and modify the program settings.
After initial setup has been completed, return to System Maintenance and adjust the settings in the following areas as they apply to your library and its programs:
Registration Defaults, System Settings, Program Links and Messages, Email Setup, andQuick Search Setup

The look and feel of each program can also be customized with the color(s) and graphics of your choice.
This is done under Style Sheets/Program-Specific Style Sheets.

 Upon purchasing the system don’t forget to change your default passwords to something of your library’s choosing.

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Comment by Heather Backman on Thu, Feb 26th, 2015 at 3:42 PM
Hello,Is the information from the introductory video course available in a readable format as well? If not, would you consider creating a text-and-screenshot version for those of us who do not learn well from video?Thanks!
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