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Title/Author information not displaying in reviews

Title/Author information not displaying in reviews

Q: Is there a place to configure patron reviews other than the reviews maintenance setup page? We've enabled title and author along with reviews, but only the review displays on the "manage reviews" page and in the reviews feed on program home page?

A: There is another place to configure the review settings in Summer Reader. The Reviews Setup Page is used for staff to see what fields display on the staff side when they look at reviews. For certain fields to show up (Author, Title, etc.) they have to be turned on in the program setup. When they are enabled in the program's logging setup, they will show up on the homepage as well as on the staff side (If that field is checked in the Reviews Setup Page). I have typed out the steps below to enable the fields for your programs.

1) Go to System Maintenance>Edit Programs>Click on the program you would like to edit.
2) At the top of the screen, click on "Logging Setup"
3) Under the Review Entry box, check the boxes to enable the Title and Author
4) Click save when you have finished

The reviews will now display with the title, author, and review of the book when typed in. Also, they will show up on the staff side as well since you have Author and Title checked in the Reviews Setup Page.

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